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6 Inch Flat Exhaust Band Clamp

6 Inch Flat Exhaust Band Clamp

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Power Products 6" Flat Exhaust Band Clamp


Cross Reference: 00218, 04539, 17062, 20600, 20600ES, 2680009, 2682960, 2683560, 2DX004539, 35939, 35980, 89529K, B600, C600, DN17062, DOJ000218, EH20600, EHTES600, HD20600, HXTES600, J000218, MSX004539, NE89529K, NL89519K, NL89529K, RKTEC600, RMTEC600, RMTFC600, RMTSC600, S600, SI2680009, SI2682960, SM2683560, SX2680009, SX2683560, TEC600, TES600, TFC600, TSC600, WX2680009, WX33963, WX35939, WX35980, X004539