9 Rib Serpentine V-Ribbed Belt Replaces Freightliner 01-27198-001

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9PK1548 Serpentine Belt 9 Rib


  • Effective Length (in): 61
  • Top Width (in): 1.24
  • Number Of Ribs: 9 

Cross Reference:

4090609, 5090610, K090609, 01-27198-001:SSTTP, BLT9PK1548, BLT-9PK1548, 9PK1548C8T, S 9PK1548, MPGS-15430, ATX15430, 9PK1548-RC, GTP9PK1548, ATP15430, 15430SS, VIP9PK1548, 9PK1548HTP, GTS15430, PS9PK1548, TF 9PK1548