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Fleetguard FF5825NN

Fleetguard FF5825NN Fuel Filter For Cummins ISX, Upgrade Of FF5776

Fleetguard FF5825NN Fuel Filter For Cummins ISX, Upgrade Of FF5776

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Get Greater Fuel Protection with Fleetguard FF5825NN Fuel Filter for Cummins ISX15, ISX12, X15, and X12 Engines

Fleetguard FF5825NN offers unmatched fuel cleanliness to protect Cummins ISX15, ISX12, X15, and X12 Engines against dirty fuel. This fuel filter meets the fuel injection equipment (FIE) manufacturers' suggested cleanliness level, providing greater protection than other competitive options.

Benefit from Real-World Testing Backed by over 700,000 miles of real-world field testing, the Fleetguard FF5825NN fuel filter delivers reliable performance and protection.

NanoNet Media for Effective Particle Removal The FF5825NN fuel filter features advanced NanoNet media that eliminates harmful hard particles and holds them firmly in place even during vibration, ensuring greater fuel cleanliness. This media is 10-13 times more effective at removing 4-micron particulate contaminants than the closest competitor, resulting in cleaner injectors and optimized fuel atomization for more efficient combustion.

Industry-Leading Filtration Media The FF5825NN fuel filter has several distinct layers of protection that can remove and hold particles as small as 4 microns. These 100% continuous polymeric fibers are bonded together for strength during vibration and flow surges, ensuring that contaminants stay put in real-world operating conditions.

FF5825NN Cross Reference:

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FF5825NN Specs:

Overall Height - 226.49 mm (8.917 inch)
Largest OD - 120.3 mm (4.736 inch)
Gasket OD - 120.3 mm (4.736 inch)
Thread Pitch - 2.0 mm per Thread
Thread Class - 7H
Thread Diameter - 90 mm (3.543 inch)
Thread Form - Metric
Free Water Separation - 0.0

About the Manufacturer:

Cummins Filtration, the leading global designer and manufacturer of filtration products for heavy-duty diesel-powered equipment, produces top-quality Fleetguard™ filters that are compatible with Cummins and other engine makes.


Always verify the fitment before installing the filter. The information provided here is for general knowledge only and not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Get superior fuel protection with Fleetguard FF5825NN fuel filter for Cummins ISX15, ISX12, X15, and X12 Engines.