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Fleetguard FF63054NN

Fleetguard FF63054NN Fuel Filter Cummins 5660774 | Replaces FF63009

Fleetguard FF63054NN Fuel Filter Cummins 5660774 | Replaces FF63009

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Fleetguard FF63054NN fuel filter replaced the FF63009 when Fleetguard introduced their new NanoNet media. With increased filter efficiency the FF63054NN is the recommended filter for applications requiring the FF63009 or the 5660774. Filters with Nano Net media in real world conditions have been proven to be up to 13 times more efficient than standard filtration. 

FF63009 Vs. FF63054NN - The FF63009 was replaced by the FF63054NN to increase durability to meet the new OEM specs. The FF63009 is obsolete and no longer available through Cummins Fleetguard. 

FF63054NN Specs:

  • Thread Form - Buttress
  • Length / Overall Height - 7.09 inch
  • Thread Diameter - 4.02 inch
  • Length - 7.09 inch
  • Thread Pitch - 0.16 inch
  • Gasket Inside Diameter - 2.89 inch
  • Largest OD - 4.01 inch
  • Gasket OD - 3.19 inch
FF63054NN Cross Reference:
  • Cummins 5660774
  • Fleetguard FF63009
  • Terberg T28042049

FF63054NN Application

  • FF63054NN is commonly used in Bus and Motorhome applications with Cummins engines.

Instructions for replacing the FF63054NN Fuel Filter