World American WA18-8020 Hood Latch For Freightliner Columbia

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World American WA18-8020 Left Hand Hood Latch. Fits 1995-2008 Freightliner Columbias.

Cross Reference: 

Freightliner 1713815000

Freightliner 17-13815-000

Freightliner 1713815002

Freightliner 17-13815-002

Freightliner 1714121000

Freightliner 17-14121-000

Freightliner A1713810000

Freightliner A17-13810-000

Freightliner A1713810002

Freightliner A17-13810-002

Freightliner A1713810004

Freightliner A17-13810-004

Freightliner A1715553000

Freightliner A17-15553-000

Freightliner A17-15553-000