ATRO CR00-67825 Carrier Bearing Assembly, Series 1810 | OEM# GAFF40074

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Parts Cross Reference:

OEM/Brand Cross Reference Application Notes
Autocar CB2106611XSA
Autocar 210661-1X
Ford D4TZ4800J
Freightliner SP2106611X
Gaff GAFF40074 Exact Cross
Gaff GAFF40197 Near Cross
GMC 15512196
International 283071C93
International CB2106611XSA
Kenworth 210661-1X
Kenworth CB2106611XSA
Mack 203SJ13
Mack 210661-1X
Meritor CB2106611XSA
Meritor 210661-1X
Peterbilt CB2106611XSA
Peterbilt 210661-1X
Spicer 2106611X
Spicer 5003323
Volvo 210661-1X



Warranty 3 Years
Part Dimensions 10" (assembly) 3" (assembly) 7 1/4" (assembly) Center 3 1/4" (bearing)
Inside Diameter 60mm (bearing)

Qty Per Vehicle 1
Misc. Specs
Bolt Holes: 8 5/8" c-c Bolt Size: 1/2"
Remove & do not reinstall the OE dust shield. Reusing the OE shield can cause noise & installation issues. Thoroughly clean all mating surfaces prior to reassembly.
Hand tighten bolts to hold carrier bearing in place prior to torqueing to manufacturers specifications (varies by application)