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Fleetguard LF9009

Fleetguard LF9009 Oil Filter, Replaces LF3000 with Stratapore/Venturi Technology

Fleetguard LF9009 Oil Filter, Replaces LF3000 with Stratapore/Venturi Technology

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The Fleetguard LF9009 oil filter replaced the LF3000 oil filter with Fleetguard's patented Stratapore / Venturi combo that allows for 3 times more contaminant removal than full flow filtration. The patented Venturi nozzle creates a low-pressure zone to help oil flow efficiently through the stacked-disc section, then the nozzle diffuser maximizes the flow through Stratapore filter media for minimum total-filter restriction. Maximizing oil flow is key when it comes to protecting your engine.

We also care the LF14009, the upgraded version of the LF9009.

If you notice overheating, low oil pressure and your due for a service a good place to start is checking out your oil filter(s). It could be any number of issues, one of them being a clogged oil filter. A comparatively cheap, simple solution can turn in to a costly fix. Cummins Filtration Fleetguard is the OEM manufacturer of filtration for Cummins engines.

LF9009 Specs:

Largest OD - 4.66 inch
Gasket Inside Diameter - 4.01 inch
Seam OD - 4.68 inch
Length - 11.88 inch
Gasket OD - 4.68 inch
Efficiency - 0.987

    LF9009 Cross References:

    Baldwin BD7309
    Cummins 3401544
    Napa 7500
    Wix 51748XD
    Fleetguard LF3000 (Older version of LF9009)
    Fleetguard LF14009NN(Nanonet upgrade of the LF9009)
    Cummins 5476383
    Cummins 3401544
    Cummins 5297157
    Cummins 5586832
    Cummins XLF75000
    Jcb 2910965
    Zhengzhou Yutong Group 101200146
    Manitou A104130
    Manitou 4136530
    Terex / Terex Advance 6002338
    Terex / Terex Advance 15500272
    Cummins Power Generation 1220856
    Guangxi Liugong Machinery 53C0053
    New Holland 84465096
    New Holland 441703A1
    New Holland 73188091
    New Holland 76194691
    Dongfeng Automobile Company JLX350C
    Agco 72516560
    Atlas Copco 2653161527
    Atlas Copco 5580006641
    BMC Trucks 9P911099
    Bomag 31710199
    Daewoo 47400023
    Daewoo 65055105023
    Doosan 65055105023B
    Doosan 974000233
    Dressta 851011975
    Dynapac 945948
    FIAT HITACHI 76194691
    Ford BG2X6731CA
    Furukawa 3381644H1
    Hitachi 4470720
    Hitachi E0A000080
    Hyster 1513759
    Hyundai 11NA70110
    Hyundai YUBP00302
    Ingersoll-Rand 22177737
    Ingersoll-Rand 53161527
    Ingersoll-Rand 57521098
    John Deere AT193242
    John Deere PMLF9009
    Kassbohrer 83121050030
    King Long 299006635
    Komatsu 21M0111510
    Komatsu 6742014540
    Komatsu CULF9009
    Liebherr 10015462
    Mc Cormick 707154A1
    Orenstein & Koppel 1487676
    Ppm V2650585
    Ppm X6350551
    Sennebogen 157835
    Sisu 1216400561
    Solaris Bus 120390054
    Tata 220018139901
    Tec-Fil PSL909
    Versatile 86029587
    Volkswagen 2T0115561
    Volvo 14503824
    Volvo 22497303
    Wirtgen 195743
    Scania 2059778
    Miller 21.41068

      LF9009 Applications:

      Cummins ISC 8.3L
      Cummins ISL 9.0L
      Cummins ISM
      Cummins N14
      Cummins QSL 9.0L
      Cummins NTA 855
      Cummins M11